Le Rozier : Causses, Cevennes, Gorges du Tarn and Gorges de la Jonte... 20 mns away from Millau Viaduct
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The Gorges de la JonteGorges de la Jonte

Coming from 1400 m of altitude, going through the slopes of the Aigoual Mount, in the Cévennes region, the Jonte river offers us magnificent scenery throughout its 20 kms long Gorges, from Meyrueis, entrance of its canyon, to Le Rozier, its confluence.

From the top of the Capluc rock, at the village of Le Rozier, it is actually possible to see perfectly the Jonte flowing into the Tarn.

Similar although not as long and less spectacular than the Gorges du Tarn, the Gorges de la Jonte are made of the highest faces in the South of the Causse Méjean, reaching as high as 140 m. The cliffs of dolomite limestone are dotted with towers, pinnacles in the shape of ruins that can easily be found as you get closer to the rock face.

At the bend of the walks offered by the Méjean and Noir Causses, one can enjoy beautiful panoramas and discover splendid views over these Gorges that erosion has been modelling for millenniums.

Either at the edge of the Mejean Causse cliffs or at the feet of the climbing walls, let yourself be surprised and captivated by these rocks with original shapes such as the famous Sèvres and China vases. These wild and deeply embanked gorges are the territory of the birds of prey who have been reintroduced to the site since the beginning of the 80's. The wild or monk vultures dance wonderful ballets in the sky for the many hikers of the Causse. This is a very sought-after ground for climbing enthusiasts attracted by those beautiful wild cliffs.

The Jonte river is also a perfect place for fishermen as the water which flows hard in the winter and more smoothly in the summer, is classified fishing reserve for many sections. It is also forbidden to use any kind of boats on it which, as opposed to the Tarn with its busy banks although much more accessible, enables you to recharge your batteries at the clicking sound of water on the rock.

Gorges de la Jonte

The Jonte river marks the border between the Lozère and the Aveyron counties.
Winters there are harsh and the few rays of sunshine which manage to reach the rock make the winter temperatures increase by a few degrees.

However in the summer, the pleasant coldness of the rocks is sought after
just like the moderate climate of spring and the autumn.

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